Artino / Jazz

Artino is a dance instructor and choreographer with extensive experience in diverse dancing styles, including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Tap. Artino has combined distinctive features of each dance and created unique and cutting-edge dancing styles. His classes are innovative and provide assorted routines and techniques to dancers.

Artino was the only Thai dancer receving a full scholarship from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has also been trained by many notable international ballet compaies, dance instructors and choreographers, including choreographers of So You Think You Can Dance TV Show. Artino previously joined a dance company abroad and frequently worked as a choreographer for Theatre Arts, TV Commercials and Events.

Artino's classes seriously focus on importance of dancing techniques, especially in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary. The classes were designed to enhance strenght and flexibility of dancers, either in beginner or profes sional levels, and emphasize on dynamic, control or flow movements. Artino also aims to develop dancers' better understanding of musicality and movement from inside out. The class environment also encourages innovative development of dancers and motivates exchange of skills and experience between the instructor and dancers themselves.