Oh / Tone&Stretch

Channarong (Oh) started ballet and jazz at the age of 18 years old has never stop dancing ever since. After several years of training for jazz he became a jazz dance instructor. Channarong was given many opportunity to perform on stage as a dancer and has also choreograph jazz dance for the members of the Japanese Association . These two years he is now broadening his dance to Latin dance.

From his experience and knowledge as a dance instructor Channarong has design a unique stretching class with techniques to improve flexibility, posture and blood circulation using movement and music.

His stretching class is great for dancers as well as for people who wants to maintain good health. His stretching class is taught using with relaxing and chill out music focusing steps to improve body balance, posture and flexibility. After several lessons many people have seen great difference in their body.


"A FIT & HEALTHY BODY is everything you NEED"