Jane / Contemporary Jazz

He started training classical ballet and contemporary dance after he graduated from the theatre program at Silpakorn University, then I got the scholarship and decided to go on to study Dance in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore.

In 2010,he joined Bangkok City Ballet and performed both in Bangkok and aboard; for example, Perak Performing Arts festival held in Malaysia, Bangkok City Ballet Contemporary ,Junior Ballet Concert. He got 3rd place for Yokosuka Ballet Competition in contemporary category in Japan.

From 2011 - 2013 he joined Arts Fission dance company, Singapore as professional dancer and performed with them , such as The Folly of a garden1 (2011),The Folly of a garden2 (2012) , Eat a Bitter bloom (2012), Dance takeout (2012) , 7 dance fictions in as ice-room (2013) and involved in all of the company's creative projects. He also toured with the company to Jakarta, Indonesia to perform Flowers of the Lamentation2 : Petals in a crowd (2012) .During he was there with this company , he had lots of chance to create his own work which start when he first join and it make him know his style and what he like so he kept continuing his work until he like to choreographe a piece. The reason why is this is might be the best way that he can express himself and talk to the other.

From his past experiences domestically and internationally and having worked with many choreographersas Charlotte Boye-Christensen (USA) , Sarawanee Tanatanit (Switzerland) , Angela Liong (Singapore), made he found his identity again which uses flow of unpredictable fast and slow movements. Eventually he came back to Thailand and improved his work, such as, “Fear” supported by Bangkok City Ballet again, which performed at Thailand Cultural Centre. It was a success and received great feedbacks from viewers and it is an inspiration to young dancers as well.

From 2014 , he attended the South Asain Choreolab held in Malaysia and got invited from M1 Contact Contemporary Dance Festival ,Singapore to be a part of Southeast Asian highlight program and shown his work name.