Established since May 2010, Studio Zoom is located in the heart of Bangkok city. We aim in combining dance with PASSION, STYLE and CREATIVITY! Something that started out as a place for dancers to practice and kids to have fun once a week, Studio ZOOM's widespread enlargement has attained a higher standard consisting of professional Hip hop, Jazz, Contemporary to just name a few. Kids from 5 years to adults of many nationalities enjoy a variety of dance taught by professional instructors in Zoom's warm and stylish environment.

For those with passion for classical dance, we recommend the Ballet, Contemporary and Lyrical Jazz classes. Other classes include Latin, BIG Dance, Belly Dance, Hula Dance, Yoga, Balancise & Stretch and the popular Fun and Energetic ZUMBA!! Even with street styles, we have something in line with what that is currently big in the United States of America known as the LA STYLE or New Style Hip Hop. Started in year 2011 by the co owner himself Kenichi Kasamatsu and his one of his crew member from ZoomboX, Mark J Smurf. LA Style Hip Hop is all about creation of movements that differ throughout each song, and capturing the true message and emotions expresses in each song. Check out our Dance Workshops from various instructors from various parts of the world sharing their DANCE STYLE with us! The idea of these workshops is to bring people with different dance styles together and to expand the dance community.

One of our successful dance projects is the "DANCE FOR JAPAN" charity concert for the tsunami victims which was held together with Aree School of Dance Arts and Bangkok City Ballet at the M Theatre on the 28th July 2011. We also create opportunity for Zoom members to express their dance through the Zoom annual dance performance! We hope everyone will come and enjoy, feel and spread the LOVE for DANCE! "Anyone can dance and it is never too late to start dancing….

"Everyone has the freedom to live, and I live for the freedom to DANCE"

Kenichi Kasamatsu